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7 Ways Art Contributes to a Senior’s Well-Being

Elderly Care in Cherry Hill NJ: 7 Ways Art Contributes to a Senior’s Well-Being

Elderly Care in Cherry Hill NJ: 7 Ways Art Contributes to a Senior’s Well-Being

Art is fun for people of all ages! What’s even better about art is that it can help seniors in a number of valuable ways. Here are just seven ways art can help a senior:

  • Art can be done anywhere – in a group, at home with the grandkids or in an elderly care facility recreation room; also inside or outside
  • Doing an art project can help relieve stress
  • Art can be done alone or with others as a social event
  • It promotes creativity, focus, concentration, and happiness with these attributes leading to additional benefits including better mood and even improved sleep
  • Art helps to link hand-eye coordination
  • There is a wide range of art types from ceramics to painting, coloring and drawing, jewelry to ornaments, photography and writing, and much more
  • There is a feeling of accomplishment when the project is completed. The senior could hang-up the project in his or her room or even give the craft to someone as a gift!

Art projects can be done at any time. There doesn’t need to be a special event or holiday to create art. However, making projects at holiday time helps seniors feel a part of the celebration!

In addition, associating art with say, a holiday, could inspire a senior to want to participate more in the project rather than isolating him or herself. It could bring up pleasant memories of holidays past. It could help a senior open up and share with others about their respective traditions and be open to hearing stories of what others had done as well.
What’s also fun is that the senior artist doesn’t need to be a Picasso to create art or to enjoy themselves as they do so! Art is available to anyone and holds no expectation. That’s part of what makes art so entertaining; no one can ever be sure just what will emerge from it.

Art therapy has been shown to help Alzheimer’s patients with cognitive and creative outlets. For some, art is a way of communicating when they otherwise aren’t able to do so. Too, art can be a connection to a memory which may have otherwise been lost.

An elder care provider can incorporate art as an activity to engage and entertain your senior loved one.


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Patti Maltese and Kelly McCabe

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Kelly C. McCabe is a founding partner and co-owner of TLC HomeCare Services.She and her business partner,Patti Maltese founded TLC HomeCare Services in March of 2009.In addition to management, marketing and sales, staffing and recruiting, Kelly holds her New Jersey producer’s license in Health and Life insurance and is also a New Jersey Certified Home Health Aide.Kelly is the proud mother of two daughters and is a resident of Moorestown, NJ.