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THE TLC CARE CARD IS AN EXCELLENT SOLUTION FOR FAMILIES THAT DON'T RESIDE IN NEW JERSEY ANYMORE, EVEN THOUGH THEIR ELDERLY PARENTS OR FAMILY MEMBERS STILL DO! "The Gift of Care" therefore, is great for those near or far,  and may be something they would never have sought out for themselves. Pamper them with services from our company to provide the same level of care that you yourself would give them if only you lived closer! Get your parents CARE, no matter WHERE they LIVE!
Most seniors already have more “things” than they need but your time is what they really want. They trust you so they will usually listen to your advice and by “gifting” them help you will have peace of mind, knowing that they are being supervised so they don’t forget to eat, take their meds, or put out the trash. We can do a little or we can do a lot!
Call our office today to ask about purchasing hours on The Care Card for your parents or loved ones and we will take it from there!
You can purchase 3 or more hours to start and for every 12 hours you buy them you get one hour free!! A gift card for care is something anyone would appreciate, instead of flowers or candy for a change.


Call 856-234-8700 to purchase service hours and prepay them for someone you love who really needs it but may not be able to afford it themselves.  

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