Caregivers in Haddonfield NJ: How Can You Respond to Stressful Situations in a Healthier Manner?

One of the problems with being a caregiver to your aging family member is that you may find yourself in stressful situations more often than you are used to. If you’re not responding to those situations in the best way possible, you may be putting even more strain on yourself.

Express How You’re Feeling as Soon as Possible

Bottling up your emotions doesn’t help you at all. Some people find it difficult to express their feelings in that moment, however. The thing is, if you can take a moment in the situation that is frustrating you and state that you’re unhappy and why, you might be surprised how much that can affect the situation. For example, if you’re getting the runaround from your aging family member’s insurance company, try sharing how that experience makes you feel right then. The other person may or may not adapt their behavior, but you didn’t suppress what you were feeling.

Compromise When it Makes Sense to Do So

Sometimes a stressful situation means that you have to compromise in order to resolve it to your satisfaction. If you’re the only one that’s actually making the compromise, however, you’re only making the situation more stressful for you. Pay attention to whether you’re the only one giving or not so that you can address that when possible.

Steer Clear of Situations that Don’t Work for You

Some stressful situations simply need to be avoided. As your aging family member’s primary caregiver, you might feel that you’re the only one who can deal with certain issues, such as cutting through the red tape with the insurance company. But you can delegate some of those tasks to other people in your life who are able to handle them with less stress.

Give Yourself a Buffer Zone

Once you’ve dealt with the situation that is stressing you, give yourself time to readjust afterward. Take a few moments in a quiet room to breathe deeply or take a quick walk. This gives you some more time to process what you’ve just been through. Some situations may require more of a buffer zone than others do, so keep track of that when you’re managing your time and your other resources.

When you understand how you respond to stress, you can put solutions in place that help you to manage it better all the time. Having a plan for these times allows you to approach caregiving from a much calmer space.

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Kelly McCabe