Elder Care in Cherry Hill NJ: What Are Some of the Best Ways to Respond to Caregiver Criticism?

Elder Care in Cherry Hill NJ: What Are Some of the Best Ways to Respond to Caregiver Criticism?

As a caregiver, you’re going to get more than your fair share of criticism. Pretty much everyone you encounter or that you’re related to is going to have an opinion and they likely won’t be shy about sharing it.

Thank Them for Their Insight

One of the easiest ways for you to respond to criticism of what you’re doing as a caregiver is to simply thank the person for their insights. You may also want to add that you’ll give some thought to what they’ve said. This does two things. It allows you to gracefully exit the situation without escalating it and it also allows you to genuinely think about the statements later.

Open the Floor for Suggestions

If the person offering you criticism is persisting, then it might be time to politely open the floor for suggestions. Often someone offering your criticism doesn’t understand the full scope of what is going on with your elderly family member. As such, they may not understand that you’ve already tried some or all of what they’ve suggested and found it didn’t work.

Share How the Criticism Felt to You

If your feelings are hurt and the person offering criticism is someone you respect, it’s important to let them know how the statements made you feel. They may not understand how their words hit you and hearing from you that they’ve said something harsh might help them to rethink their approach.

Offer an Informative Rebuttal

You may want to offer an information-heavy response that explains why you’re doing what you’re doing. For instance, perhaps your elderly family member has been adamant that she wants to age in place. This can mean that you have to abide by her wishes, but you’ve hired elder care providers to give her as much help as possible. The person criticizing you may not realize all the steps you had to take to get to that point.

Avoid Losing Your Temper

Losing your temper isn’t going to help the situation at all. If you’re caught with criticism on a bad day, you might not be able to avoid airing your frustration. But try to take a deep, cleansing breath and choose a more useful response.

Quite often people mean well when they’re offering you criticism as a caregiver. They may simply phrase things badly or speak without thinking. If you believe that someone is honestly trying to be malicious, you may want to avoid making the situation worse.

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Kelly McCabe