Elder Care Haddonfield NJ: Why Is it So Difficult for Family Caregivers to Feel Appreciated?

Appreciation is something that most people need at some point in their lives, especially caregivers. It’s a powerful way to feel as if you and what you do are seen and that your sacrifices matter.

You Do a Lot for Your Senior

As a family caregiver, there’s probably an awful lot that you do for your aging adult, no matter what type of help she needs at this stage. You may be helping her manage her household, tackling paperwork for her, or fielding information from her doctor’s office. All of that is extremely helpful and likely necessary, but it can also leave your senior feeling a little weird. She may not appreciate feeling so dependent on you and on others, which can make her less likely to show appreciation for all that you do.

Sometimes Help Is Invisible

If you’re doing more and more for your elderly family member, though, the help that you provide may well be both constant and invisible at this stage. Your senior and other people in both her life and yours may not really notice just how much you do anymore. This can result in hurt feelings on your part even if you never set out to get applause for helping people that you love.

You Can Make Your Own Kudos

One way to solve this issue is to make your own kudos whenever and wherever you can. Sometimes you’re the one who has to pat you on the back for a job well done. Set up a reward system for yourself or, better still, set aside time every week to reward yourself. Start keeping a journal in which you list all the accomplishments you’ve collected as a family caregiver. There are likely far more than you even realize and it can be really empowering to see them listed all in one place.

Having a Support Network Helps

Many family caregivers find that having a support network is incredibly helpful for just this situation. Friends and family members who see the hard work you put in are there for you when you need a morale boost. Elder care providers can take over for you seamlessly, allowing you to take the breaks you so badly need. All of this combines to help keep you in a positive mental space so you can deal with the next situation on your list.

If you’re still battling feeling unappreciated, it might be time for you to take a break. Sometimes a need for accolades, although a very human need, is also a sign from your subconscious that you’re pouring too much of yourself into this endeavor.

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Kelly McCabe