Elder Care in Voorhees NJ: What Should You Expect When Your Mom Moves In?

Your mom can’t live by herself. The options are she moves in with you or you move in with her. As you have children who are settled, the decision is made to have her move in with you.

Before she moves in, it’s best to sit down and discuss the changing situation. Moving your mom into the home is a great way to provide care, but it’s also going to cause some change. Here are things you need to consider and discuss with your family.

Bathroom Time May Be Impacted

Unless you have a separate suite or in-law apartment, you may find there’s a conflict when it comes to timing showers and bathroom use. You have an extra person needing the bathroom throughout the day. There’s another person needing to shower and brush teeth each morning. In the rush to get ready for work and school, this can be aggravating.

You may need to create a schedule and put a timer in the bathroom. This way everyone has time to get showered, dressed, and ready to leave. If your mom doesn’t attend adult day or leave the home, her time could be scheduled for when an elder care professional arrives or after the children leave for school.

She May Be Set in Her Ways

Your mom has lived in her home with her rules for years. She may not take kindly to following yours. You have gas and she struggles to light the burner. As a result, you don’t want her cooking meals when you’re not there. She may become upset at being given a rule that she’s never had to follow. With a caregiver available for supervision, she could cook when you’re out.

Your Personal Time Will Be Affected

You’ll spend a good part of your day caring for your mom. Time spend on your chores gets eaten up taking care of things your mom needs help with. You may find yourself having to forgo vacations, nights out with friends, or early nights. To complete your own chores, you may stay up later and get up earlier.

You should look into elder care services. With a caregiver available once a week or more, you’ll have time to take care of your own chores. The caregiver can take your mom to an appointment while you run errands. The caregiver could help your mom get showered and eat breakfast while you get your kids to school.

Those are a couple of examples where elder care professionals can help ease the transition of having your mom move in. Learn more about the options by calling us today!

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Kelly McCabe