Elderly Care in Marlton NJ: How Can You Help a Parent Who Has Panic Disorder?

Panic disorder occurs when anxiety attacks occur frequently. These attacks often strike out of the blue with no apparent reason. Doctors can rule out chronic conditions and diseases that can cause the same symptoms. If other issues have been ruled out, panic and anxiety may be the diagnosis.

When your parent has panic disorder, it’s hard to watch. It’s also hard to know how to help. What’s important to know is that there are ways to help.

Walk Them Outside

Many people who suffer from anxiety attacks find that a blast of cold air helps. If it’s cold outside, walk your parent outside for fresh air. Standing in cold air for a few minutes often helps ease the anxiety and end hyperventilation.

If it’s too warm, an ice cold washcloth can help. Standing in front of an air conditioner can also help draw your parent out of the anxiety attack.

Draw Your Parent Back to You

As a wave of intense fear takes over, your parent may feel trapped in a tunnel. Your mom or dad sees and hears you, but they feel isolated. They feel like you can’t see or hear them. Sometimes, tunnel vision simply needs to pass. It will.

It often helps if you attempt to draw your parent out of it. One of the best ways to do this is ask a simple question. “What were you thinking of when the anxiety set in?” It refocuses the brain. Your mom or dad has to stop and think about what happened before the anxiety attack.

Seek Expert Care

Doctors may want to prescribe antidepressants to help ease anxiety attacks. Ask for a referral to take your parent to a specialist in anxiety. Medications can help, but some people find they make them feel worse. A specialist in anxiety can teach breathing techniques, positive self-talk, and other methods to help ease anxiety.

Boost Companionship

Panic disorder can worsen when a person feels alone. If your mom or dad is alone all day, look into companionship services. Elderly care professionals can spend time with your parent.

When you have multiple panic attacks, thoughts may turn negative. You worry that you’re dying, having a mental breakdown, or dealing with a heart issue. If your parent lives alone, being alone can raise fears of passing out. You become scared that no one will find you in time.

Caregivers can make a difference. Having a companion eases some of the anxiety your parent feels. Call an elderly care agency to learn more about this and other benefits of caregivers.

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Kelly McCabe