Elderly Care in Moorestown NJ: How Can You Deal with a Stressful Day as a Caregiver?

Elderly Care in Moorestown NJ: How Can You Deal with a Stressful Day as a Caregiver?

You’re going to have more than one or two stressful days as a caregiver. From health issues to paperwork problems, stress is going to follow you around. Managing that stress the right way gives you a release valve.

Adjust Your Expectations

Each day is different, but your expectations for yourself may be pretty much the same every single day. You may think that just because you were super productive on one day and got a ton of things done, you should be able to do that every single day. Life doesn’t work that way, though. You may need to give yourself more grace on some days than you do on other days because of variables that are outside your control.

Include Breaks in Your Day

You need breaks throughout your day, but they don’t have to be massive breaks. Even taking a few minutes here and there throughout the day can do a lot for your mindset. Figure out what works for you, whether that’s taking a cup of tea out into the back yard for a few minutes or firing up a relaxation app on your smartphone. You can also use a mix of all sorts of ideas.

Monitor How Much Support You Need

At different stages in your caregiving journey, you may need more or less help. Make it a habit to keep a mental eye on how much help and support you need and how much you’re getting. When friends and family members can’t help, remember that elderly care providers have experience that you can put to use right away and they understand what you and your senior need.

Find Time to Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine and it can help you with stressful situations, too. Try to keep your sense of humor handy so that you can take advantage of laughter whenever you can. Situational humor is more likely to become apparent when you’re open to the idea of using humor as a stress-relieving tool in your life. Bump up your interactions with things and people that make you laugh and that make you remember what’s funny about life.

Every day is going to be slightly different when you’re taking care of an elderly family member. Chances are good, though, that your stress levels correlate to what’s going on. Use as many of these tips as you can to keep your stress levels in check as you go.

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Kelly McCabe