Home Care Services in Marlton NJ: Should You Talk to Your Senior about Taking up Walking?

Exercise might not be high on your elderly family member’s list of things to do, but her doctor might want her to change that. If so, walking can be one of the easiest forms of exercise to start.

Talk with Her Doctor First

The first step when you’re thinking about helping your senior start any exercise program is to talk with her doctor. The reason that you want to do this is to ensure that the exercise that you’re thinking about is right for your senior’s current health status. Once you know for sure that walking is the right exercise for your aging adult, you can start to develop a full plan.

Walking Doesn’t Require Special Equipment

Other than a pair of shoes that fit properly, your senior doesn’t need any special equipment in order to take up walking. Before you get started, make sure that you get your senior a good pair of walking shoes that fit her properly. Socks help to wick away moisture and keep your elderly family member from developing blisters on her feet. Other than that, a light jacket during cooler weather might be the most that she needs.

Walking Can Help to Ease Joint Pain

Your senior might not feel like walking much at first, but it can help significantly if she has joint issues. The reason this works is that moving helps to lubricate and to loosen up her joints. Even if they feel a little bit stiff at first, as they warm up and lubricate your senior will start to feel a little better. In fact, the more she walks, the more she might realize that her pain eases up.

Walking Is Easy to Ramp Up

If your elderly family member hasn’t walked in a while, she can start slowly. That’s one of the best ways to start, actually. She might also want to start with short distances and a slower speed, too. As she walks more, your elderly family member can walk a little bit faster and farther distances. If you can’t walk with your senior every time she goes, consider home care providers. They can offer companionship and help with other tasks as well as ensuring your senior is safe on her walks.

With all of the benefits that your elderly family member can glean from walking, it makes sense to give it a try if your senior’s doctor is okay with it. If you walk with your aging adult, then you’ll both be able to take advantage of those benefits together.

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Kelly McCabe