Senior Care in Haddonfield NJ: Flu Season is Seeing More Seniors in the Hospital – What Can You Do to Keep Your Dad Healthy?

Have you heard some of the media regarding the flu this year? A 21-year-old bodybuilder died after thinking he didn’t need to see a doctor and that it was “just the flu.” A 20-year-old mother of two passed away a day after her diagnosis. The flu is not something your dad should ignore.

Per CDC statistics, as of the start of 2018, there had already been more than 2,600 men and women 65 or older had been diagnosed with the flu. This age group accounted for the largest number of flu patients who were hospitalized.

You don’t want your dad to end up in the hospital with the flu. Here are ways you can keep him healthy.

Make Sure He Gets a Flu Shot

If he hasn’t already had a flu shot, you should take him. It’s a quick procedure that can be done in a clinic, doctor’s office, or participating pharmacy. Even if it doesn’t offer complete protection against every active flu strain this year, it can lessen the severity of a strain he does get.

Wash and Sterilize Hands Often

When your dad is out in public, make sure he washes and sterilizes his hands regularly. If he can’t get to a sink with soap and hot water, a bottle of hand sanitizer will do. He needs to wash or sterilize his hands after touching a public banking terminal, door knobs, railings, shopping cart, or chair.

Buy and Wear Medical Masks

If your dad has a weakened immune system due to past illness, medical condition, or prescription medications, have him wear a medical mask in public. Staying safe is more important than how he looks.

Make Smart Food Choices

Your dad’s diet can help. Make sure he’s eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and grains. He should also drink plenty of water or herbal tea. Minestrone and cabbage soups are good choices for quick and easy healthy meals. If he’s not much of a breakfast person, a smoothie made from spinach and frozen fruit is a good way to make sure he’s getting a lot of antioxidants.

If your dad does get the flu, despite taking precautions, make sure he has someone with him each day. If his fever worsens or his cough makes it hard to breathe, he’ll need medical attention. A senior care professional can help him stay hydrated and keep you updated on how he’s doing. Schedule an appointment with a senior care agency to learn more.


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Kelly McCabe