Senior Care in Moorestown NJ: Is it Possible Your Senior Is Losing Her Hearing?

Senior Care in Moorestown NJ: Is it Possible Your Senior Is Losing Her Hearing?

Hearing loss can be really common for aging adults, but for many it happens so gradually that they don’t realize it. Here are some signs that can be a big clue to you and to your aging adult that she needs to have her hearing examined much more thoroughly.

She’s Having Trouble Following Conversations with Other People

When it comes to talking with other people, especially more than one at a time, people who are starting to have difficulty hearing may not be able to keep up. Voices can start to blend together, or start to sound as if everyone is talking at the same time. Your elderly family member may start to ignore conversations or even avoid talking to other people when she hasn’t done that in the past.

She’s Turning up the TV and the Radio

If you’re starting to notice that the radio or the television are gradually hitting a louder than normal volume all the time, that can be a big sign that something is changing. Your elderly family member may not even realize that she’s turning the television up louder until it’s pointed out to her.

She Says Everybody Mumbles Constantly

When someone is having difficulty hearing, it can sound as if everyone around them is mumbling or not speaking clearly. Your senior may ask you to enunciate more often than usual or she might become impatient with other people when they’re talking to her.

She Has Trouble Talking to Others on the Phone

Talking on the phone can be particularly troublesome for someone who is developing hearing trouble. The reason for this is that your senior can rely on body language in person or even engage in a rudimentary form of lip reading. Over the phone, she’s not able to use those skills and therefore it becomes so much more difficult for her to have a conversation with someone else.

If your elderly family member is having a great deal of time managing her hearing loss, having someone such as senior care providers around can help her to feel more secure. They can also offer companionship and make sure that she gets where she needs to go.

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Kelly McCabe