Senior Care in Willingboro NJ: Did You Know That Family Caregivers Often Neglect Their Own Self-Care?

Senior Care in Willingboro NJ: Did You Know That Family Caregivers Often Neglect Their Own Self-Care?

Self-care. It’s defined as being the steps one takes in order to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health. Family caregivers often spend so much time caring for others that they push their own needs to the background. While a family caregiver needs to stay healthy in order to help an aging parent with senior care, it’s often something that’s ignored until the worst happens.

What Are Typical Components of Self-Care?

Self-care generally falls into three categories. Physical self-care are the steps you take to stay healthy. You go for regular checkups with your doctor and dentist. You get your required vaccinations. You take showers, brush and floss your teeth, eat a proper diet, get enough exercise, and get enough sleep. You keep your house clean and wash your clothes regularly.

Mental self-care are the things you do for your mental health. To keep your mental health in check, you make sure you’re socializing enough. You have friends and talk to them regularly. You make and keep plans to get out and see a movie, attend a play, or meet at a restaurant for a meal. Mental health requires you to know when you’re feeling overly stressed or down. If you are, you seek help or dive into an activity or therapy that you know will relax and refresh you.

Emotional self-care is along the same lines as mental self-care. The difference is that with emotional self-care, you are focusing only on things that involve your feelings. You are not saying sorry if you feel it’s important to your own health to say no. You are being aware of your feelings and encouraging yourself to feel that way. Emotional self-care means no guilt and no worries if you do feel the answer must be no.

How Do You Create a Balance?

As you handle all the stresses of being a family caregiver, the most important thing to remember is that if you’re unwell, you can’t be helpful. There’s a saying: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” That sums it up perfectly. In order to provide senior care services, you must be able to help both mentally and physically.

For this reason, you must devote time each day to yourself. Do only the things that appeal to you. If you want to go out for drinks with friends, call a cab and go out. If you want to shut the world out and take a bubble bath and go to bed early, arrange your care schedule so that you can.

Respite care is a vital way to ensure you have time for self-care. Let a caregiver take over for an hour or two every day. Go spend time doing things you want to do. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to return to providing senior care to your parent with a fresh frame of mind and positive outlook. Call a senior care agency to arrange senior care services like respite care.

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Kelly McCabe